Worship at Home for August 7 2022

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Ninth Sunday after Pentecost. Living into God’s promises is tricky business. It takes a lot of trust on both sides. God encourages us to live by faith, and we must trust that God is leading us to a better place when we live by faith. Are their times in your life when you lived by faith? What was that like for you? Take time to think about this as you read through this week’s scripture lessons.

If you would like a home visit, conversation, or home communion, please call me at 573-437-2779 (church) or 57 3-832-2475 (cell).


  • Thank you to everyone who helped at the Gasconade County Fair.
  • We will be packing Backpacks for the Back-to-School Fair on Sunday, August 7 after worship. There will be pizza.
  • Pastor Stephanie will have a protestant communion service at Gasconade Manor at 1:30pm on Sunday, August 7.
  • Church Council meeting on Monday, August 8 at 6:30 pm.
  • Muny Trip on Thursday, August 18 beginning with a backstage tour at 5:45. This is for those who preordered tickets.
  • Fun Church Picnic on Sunday, September11 at 4pm in Luster Park

Prayers and Blessings,

Pastor Stephanie DeLong

Scripture Lessons: Genesis 15:1-6, Psalm 33:12-22, Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16, Luke 12:32-40

Sermon: Living into God’s Promise

In preparation for this Sunday’s sermon, I read about a company called Two Blind Brothers and their shop blind challenge. Being curious, I Googled “Two Blind Brothers”, clicked on the link and saw this announcement on the home page:


Welcome to the July 18th - August 15th Shop Blind Challenge! It's simple. Would you buy something that you can't see? We promise you'll get something you'll love. If you don't think it's perfect, you can return it, no questions asked. Trust us! 100% of the profits are donated to Foundation Fighting Blindness to help find a cure for blindness. After August 15th, all of these items disappear! (https://twoblindbrothers.com/)

So, I decided to “shop blind” and purchased some items trusting that I would like whatever I was sent. In about a week, a package arrived with some very soft socks and quality sunglasses in a case. (I’ll bring these items with me to church on Sunday, if you would like to see and touch them.)

“Shopping Blind” comes with a promise that you will like whatever you receive and if not, the items may be returned. Shopping blind is a bit like living by faith. There is a promise of something wonderful when are willing to act in good faith. We do not always know exactly what we will receive, but it will be good.

Abraham and Sarah lived in faith. They trusted in God to bring them to a new land and to make a great nation from their descendants. Abraham was a bit afraid when God speaks to him in the reading from Genesis 15. Abraham and Sarah have tried to live in faith though they did stumble from time to time. Now Abraham fears that he will not have any children to carryon his legacy of faith. God assures Abraham with a vision and these words, “Do not be afraid, Abram, I am you shield; you reward shall be very great” (Genesis 15:1, NRSV). Then God tells Abraham to look at the stars.

Looking at the stars serves as a reminder to all of us that God’s kingdom is far greater than our own worries. These worries seem big until we realize the amazing nature of God. Luke 12:32 also offers words of promise, “Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.” It is God’s pleasure to give us this wonderful world to enjoy. Let us have faith in the promises of God.

Hebrews 11 speaks of Abraham and Sarah and many others who lived in faith and trusted in the promises of God. God’s kingdom is so much more than who we are. There is so much more to life than our worries no matter how enormous they may seem to us. The faithful people keep living in faith even if they do not see the complete results of their faithful living.

I wonder how many people are touched by the “Two Blind Brother’s clothing company which was started by Bradford and Bryan Manning who at a young age were both diagnosed with an eye disease that causes blindness over time. (https://twoblindbrothers.com/pages/about-us) When they started their company the plan was to use profits from the company to help find a cure for blindness and more. They make a point of hiring people with visual impairments and more. In a way they are trusting in things that are not seen for the greater good.

Many of us at St. Peter’s are members of the Owensville Lions which supports programs to help with vision. I often wonder how many people are touched by the programs which the Lions offer. This result is far greater than the individual members themselves.

This Sunday we will be packing Backpacks for the Back-to School Fair after worship. The impact of what we do will not be seen by many of us, but we in faith we know that there will be many students who will benefit from these school supplies.

Trusting in the promises of God is living each day in the hope that God’s love will be spread to many. Living into God’s promise means

  • Living in the beautiful world which God gives us.
  • Trusting that God is greater than our fears.
  • Living in faith that leads us true our true home, God’s Kingdom here on earth and in heaven.

May we be like those who have gone before us and live in faith and live into God’s promise.


Prayer: God who calms our fears and calls us to live in faith we ask that you help us to live lives of promise. May we life in faith trusting in those things that are not visible in this world. Amen.


Prayer list: All who have been on our list in the past and Elizabeth, Cheryl, Dave, David, Ken and Evelyn, Jason, Paulette, Jaqueline, Friends of Shelby, Bobby, Kevin, Jim, Darryl, Marilee, Uncle AJ, Beverly, Jim, Jenny, Dixon’s daughter, Barbara, Melvin, Mitchell, victims of recent flooding and for peace in the world troubled and war-torn places.

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